Norman Rosner 2018Computers Plus is historically a computer hardware, software and supplies dealer, but with the industry having changed over the years and is largely cloud based we are concentrating on our PLUSES. We still provide hardware, software, supplies and licenses, especially uncommon and specialized things just ask for a quote and if you need toners click on this link to find your cartridge number.

All of the PLUSES at Computers Plus save businesses or people money.

Every business wants to increase their profit (build the bottom line). The most obvious way to do this is to sell more of your products and services to your customers, but you can’t always do this. The next is to get additional customers and or develop additional products or services. This is often difficult, expensive and may not work – try it anyway. The 3rd is to cut expenses which always works, has no risk and no net cost.

Not everyone who is lucky enough to have found our site is a decision maker for their company, but everyone and every adult you know is the decision maker for their personal spending, and everyone without exception can save money using the Fluz and Viv services and they are free to use.

Computers Plus

Owns, has partnered with or represents organizations that cuts many types of expenses for businesses and individuals.

Savings on merchant processing fees

Accepting credit cards is convenient for you and your customers, but it eats into your profits. You probably don’t want to stop taking credit cards, but you can cut the costs. We have 3 ways of doing this.

Merchant Advocate

Merchant Advocate saves you money without needing to change processors.

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US Payment Systems

US Payment Systems is a nationwide wholesale merchant processor (and much more) that will beat anyone’s rates no matter how large or small you are, with 1 or 1000’s of locations; whether you use a bank, a Costco type of service or other processor.

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The third way to save is by having the processing fee charged to the customer’s credit card. This saves the most money but, you may very well lose customers to the point it costs you more than you save. We need to talk to talk before you chose this option since you are probably not a government or a non-profit.

Zenergy Energy

Zenergy designs, installs, monitors, manages and services equipment that reduces the use of electricity, gas and water 20-60% with no upfront cost. You pay for the equipment as a percentage of savings and after 7 years you own the equipment free and clear (you can also buy it outright) – during those 7 years what you pay the utility plus what you pay Zenergy will be less than what you would otherwise pay the utilities.

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Cost segregation is an engineering study through which you can usually get accelerated depreciation and lower your taxes.

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Office Expenses

Toners and Inkjet Cartridges

Toner and inkjet cartridges for any printer: OEM, compatible and re-manufactured, refilled.

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Office Supplies

Office, janitorial, industrial and break room supplies, office furniture, power tools, food service and more.

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Promotional Products

Promotional Products Collage

Any item or wearing apparel you can put your, name, logo or message on including, gifts, food baskets, awards…

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Custom Printing Services

Put your best face/image forward with the highest quality color or black and white printing of Business cards, postcards, letterheads, envelopes, checks, flyers, posters, labels and more…

Fast and dependable turnaround fair prices. If you can dream it, we can print it. Send us your artwork or let’s work together to design it. Offset, digital and letter press.

Shipping Costs

MCG Logistics

Shipping Costs i.e. package, truck, rail, air and or ocean.

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Discounted international calling

GeoSafari logo

Discounted international calling from your office or cell phone.

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Viv logo

Lower your business and personal electricity, cell phone, internet, home security, internet and cable bills.

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Fluz logo

Fluz is a FREE, NO OBLIGATION app that gives you 1-16% instant cash back at 100’s of stores

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