Cost segregation is an engineering study through which you can usually get accelerated depreciation and lower your taxes.

Building owners can save money on the operating costs and taxes.

Different components of a building have different useful lives but most owners depreciate a building over 39 years (27.5 for apartments). However the IRS allows you to depreciate the components over their useful life.

Cost Segregation is an engineering study which breaks down the components of a building, and there are very many, according to their IRS useful lives resulting in accelerated depreciation which results in lower taxes, and when renovations are done the components demolished can be fully depreciated immediately. A simple form is submitted to the government with the study results and you get money back – no amended tax returns required. CSSI has done over 20,000 without a single challenge.

Common Misconceptions

Cost Segregation Explanation


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Merchant Processing

Merchant Advocate

Savings on merchant processing fees!

Accepting credit cards is convenient for you and your customers, but it eats into your profits. You probably don’t want to stop taking credit cards, but you can cut the costs. We have 3 ways of doing this.

Wholesale Processing

Wholesale Merchant Processing

Wholesale Payments - US Payment Systems is a nationwide wholesale merchant processor (and much more) that will beat anyone’s rates no matter how large or small you are, with 1 or 1000’s of locations; whether you use a bank, a Costco type of service or other processor.

Energy Savings


Zenergy designs, installs, monitors, manages and services equipment that reduces the use of electricity, gas and water 20-60% with no upfront cost. You pay for the equipment as a percentage of savings and after 7 years you own the equipment free and clear (you can also buy it outright) – during those 7 years what you pay the utility plus

Accelerated Depreciation

Cost segregation

Cost segregation is an engineering study through which you can usually get accelerated depreciation and lower your taxes.

Building owners can save money on the operating costs and taxes.

Toner and Inkjet Cartridges

Printer Toner

Toner and inkjet cartridges for any printer: OEM, compatible and re-manufactured, refilled.

Our compatible and re-manufactured/refilled cartridges are produced with the highest quality toners and inks in modern and efficient quality-controlled facilities and are equal or better than OEM and are fully guaranteed.

Click here to find your cartridge number and specification then call us for pricing.


Biggest Book

Office, janitorial, industrial and break room supplies, office furniture, power tools, food service and more.

Promotional Products


Any item or wearing apparel you can put your, name, logo or message on including, gifts, food baskets, awards…


Custom Printing

Custom Printing

Put your best face/image forward with the highest quality color or black and white printing of Business cards, postcards, letterheads, envelopes, checks, flyers, posters, labels, invoices, snap/pull apart forms, presentation folders, greeting cards, heat-sealed checks, invoices, statements, etc. and much more.


MCG Logistics

MCG Logistics Shipping Costs i.e. package, truck, rail, air and or ocean. You must be spending a minimum of $1/2 million per year to qualify. You will usually realize double digit savings and seldom need to change shippers. Though the thresh hold is $1/2 million our largest client saves over $20 million/year. Call e-mail with 3 convenient times for a 20-30 for an in depth presentation and evaluation.

Long Distance Phone


GeoNet USA is FCC 214 certified as International Long Distance Telephone Service Provider. We operate our telephone exchanges in New York and New Jersey. Through a series of strategic partnerships with Tier I carriers in the USA, GeoNet can service calls to over 180 destinations in the world.

GeoNet Group

Utilities Savings


Lower your business and personal electricity, cell phone, internet, home security, internet and cable bills.

No risk, for for full details go to: https://savewith.justviv.com

Cash Back


Fluz https://joinfluz.app.link/doubledip is a FREE, NO OBLIGATION app that gives you 1-16% instant cash back at 100’s of stores, restaurants and services you use regularly, with new ones and specials added almost daily and virtual Visa cards for almost anything else like auto etc. insurance, donations, dentists and doctors etc. When you get the app through the above link you get 3 vouchers for an additional 12-35% cashback (up to $3.50) at select places like CVS, Starbucks, Uber Eats, Dominos, Grubhub, Spotify etc. and if you take […]